Windows with a view to the future


Avante is a window producer who has ambitions to develop dynamically not only on the Polish market, but also on export markets. Avante windows are already installed in many houses in France and Germany. Our task was to create materials that will sell the benefits of the brand throughout Europe.

Scope of work

Market communication strategy
Visualisations and 3D animations
Creative concepts and Key Visual





clever START

In order to find the right solution, we started by auditing the communication of competing window manufacturers on the market in question. We looked through hundreds of websites, compared offers and conditions of cooperation. We looked at fanpages and YT channels. The competitiveness and saturation of the window market in Europe exceeded our wildest expectations. The solution turned out to be the simple language of advantages of the Avante brand.


We created coherent materials such as landing page, Google campaign banners, YT campaign spot, to build maximum reach with an optimal media budget.

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