Led’s Design

A new lighting brand


Our task was to create a new brand of LED products in the decorative lighting category, whose distinguishing feature is the ability to create a unique atmosphere at home. Creativity, design, and technology combined in an innovative product.

Scope of work

New brand and market communication strategy
Visualisations and 3D animations
Creative concepts and campaigns
Web Design





clever START

We got off to a good start by developing a strategy for a new Led’s Design brand, knowing that we were creating a new product category. We looked at the lighting industry, the decorative industry, and trends in interior design. During the Design Sprint workshops, we created and described the personae that would be the audience for the new brand. And we already knew that to stand out in this competitive market we needed a unique setting and images that would say more than a thousand words.


Led’s Design is a brand that already in its name constitutes the famous marketing “call to action” and calls for creation of good design, atmosphere, and mood by means of pictures painted with light in energy-saving LED technology. The simple but original branding refers to the product and is a timeless and original composition reflecting the quintessence of creativity, i.e., going outside the box. Photorealistic visuals and 3D animations inspire and sell the brand idea.

Designed to make up a unique mood. Yours and your interior.

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